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Getting going in your career can be frustrating... I'm here to help

  • Are you tired of working 40+ hour weeks for a boss that doesn't respect you?
  • Have you been stuck in the same role longer than you'd like?
  • Tired of getting passed up for promotions by those who aren't as skilled as you?
  • Annoyed with the office politics... Ready to get the success and respect you deserve...?
  • Ready to break free of your current salary and move into a six-figure leadership position?

Universities do a great job of teaching you the basics to get you hired and succeed in your new role. But they don't teach you the skills to truly take you to the top. For some people, it's a numbers game. They'll work 50-60+ hours a week and stay at one company for tens of years.

However, there is a much better method. A method that is much less stressful, brings you a significant increase in salary and has you enjoying your weekend with friends and family. 

The Dynamic Corporate Leader Method is creating the next generation of Corporate Leaders. If you're ready to go further faster in your career, our teaching resources are for you!

Dynamic Corporate Leader Method 

Become the Leader you wish you had! This book will help you transform your career, getting you the success and respect you deserve! Get your digital copy now for $5 

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5 Weeks To Hired

The 5 Weeks to Hired book equips job seekers with essential tools and strategies to land their dream job in five weeks, covering resume building, networking, interview preparation, and offer negotiation.

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Looking for a guide to help you on your journey to the top? My coaching program offers guaranteed weekly 1x1 coaching sessions or group coaching sessions!

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Tired of putting in 40+ hour weeks?

In the Dynamic Corporate Leader book, there is an entire chapter that teaches you how to cut your work hours in half, while doubling your output. 

While this does sound insane, it's absolutely possible. To help you get there, you can get Chapter 6 - Delivering Massive Impact for FREE!

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"Brandon helped me to become a well-trusted leader in my company. This was huge because it enabled me to get a 20k raise in my first year!

Pooja M.

Head (Director) of Technology

"Everybody that has worked closely with Brandon can say his presence leaves an impact. ... He has so much to offer.

Dalia Z.

Account Manager

"I learned more in my time with Brandon than I had at any other point in my career."     

Bryan B.

Innovation Consultant

I've transformed my career and can do the same for you...

My name is Brandon Dohman. I'm an Author, Speaker, and Advocate for Corporate Employees across the Globe.

I spent a lot of my life frustrated by what the corporate world had to offer and how it treated me.

About three years ago, I transformed my career from a mid-level employee to a Director in under six months. During this time, I helped change the outlook, perspective, and opportunity for thousands of employees around the world. Some of the people I've helped went on to do the same for others—those people I consider to be Dynamic Corporate Leaders.

My mission is to create thousands of new Dynamic Corporate Leaders throughout the corporations on every continent.

Leaders who will stand up for others and do what's right, all while making massive financial gains for the companies they work for.

People aren't interested in a job making widgets anymore. People are seeking purpose. They're seeking the ability to give back to the world and the community they live in.

My Dynamic Corporate Leader Program will teach you how to do precisely that. How to become the Leader everyone is looking for—transforming your career and income along the way. Allowing you to do things in your life you never thought possible.

The time is now. Join my program and become a Dynamic Corporate Leader.

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Ready to go further in your career? 

The world is full of amazing people trying to do extraordinary things. I'm here to help.

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