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I Knew I Would Excel In My Career Once I Got Over The Obstacles In My Head...


My name is Brandon Dohman and if you'd like to discover the way to make quantum leaps in your career, win promotions (positions that command power and respect), earn 6 figure salary and fat bonus, then I can show you exactly how to do it…  without ever…  

  • Needing to work 60-80 hours a week! In FACT, NOT working more than 40 Hours a Week

  • Kissing your boss’s ass!

  • Spending thousands of dollars upgrading your technical skills!

  • Needing another MBA or Certification!


  • Sacrificing your weekends and time with family!


Here’s what it’s all about: 


I struggled for 15 long years trying to get ahead in my career. 

I often felt frustrated in my roles and was never listened to or respected.

I, like so many others, thought that having a college degree would be enough, but I was wrong. 

My technical skills simply weren’t bringing me the salary and progress I craved. 

I was tired of my talent not being recognized. 

The feeling of being constantly overlooked by my bosses was like a kick in the teeth. 

I was fed up with others (who weren’t anywhere near as good at their job) getting promoted instead of me. 

Did switching companies countless time’s help? Nope!

So when did my fortunes change?

One Sunday I stumbled across the audiobook of “Extreme Ownership” by Jocko Wilink...  

After listening to it for 8 hours straight, I realized I had found the missing link that was holding me back in my career all these years...

The Concept Of Ownership

This notion is core to excelling in your career and changed my entire life.

I went from being a mid-level employee to Director in less that one year.  

And, in five years I managed to triple my salary (going from 62k/year to over 200k/year)

I finally ‘cracked the code’ and found the way to conquer the corporate world.

It got to the point where I got to travel the globe and teach others my dynamic methods for excellence in a corporation.

 I want to do the same for you. Here's what I can show you right now:

  • Why you don’t have to wait 5-10 years to get a promotion! (Times have changed…  I’ll help you slash the time it takes to move up).

  • How to quickly restructure your mindset for success. (You simply can’t lead others or have impact if your mind is negative. Get this wrong and everything else you do will fail!)

  • How to craft your mission, lead and inspire others to follow you!

  • How to start asking for forgiveness instead of permission!

  • How to multiply the success of your team by 10!

  • How to effectively use empathy!

  • How to maximize your impact across the organization in minimum time!

  • How to be Agile in a Waterfall world. (You’ll now be able to engage and empower everyone in the organization… and… create value quickly, collaboratively and effectively!)

  • How to figure out what to work on and start delivering value immediately! 

  • How to challenge the status quo!

  • How to use data to drive corporate change!

  • How to change the corporate culture at scale!

  • How to work with dissenters to disrupt the old workflow!

  • Discover exactly how to upscale the people around you!

  • How to receive feedback and make true changes!

  • Give feedback that others will happily receive with open arms!

  • How to give presentations others will love!

  • How to do 1-on-1’s that have impact!

  • How to structure your teams for maximum output!

  • Create a mentorship program!

  • How to keep decentralized command for 10X growth and impact!

  • How to negotiate a FAT bonus!

  • How to think like a product manager and design your career!

  • How to get future employers to stand in line and almost beg to hire you!

  • And much more!


Listen- knowing how to effectively apply all of the above is essential if you want rapid success in your career.


I’ve put all this information into a simple 7-step program that holds you by the hand and shows you exactly how to navigate your way through the corporate world.…  

You also get daily 1-on-1 office hours, group coaching calls, monthly workshops and access to the exclusive Dynamic Corporate Leaders community. This will keep you on track, give you expert feedback as you go and make the process of becoming a dynamic corporate leader fast and easy.  

I believe it’s virtually impossible for anyone not to get a promotion or great bonus if they follow this program. And you can start the process right now for only $1,297.  

But, you don’t risk a penny by doing this.


Here’s my Guarantee:

I guarantee if you follow and apply what I teach,  you’ll win a promotion, salary increase or bonus in under a year. 

If you don’t, I’ll give you a full refund. 

To enroll just click the “JOIN THE COURSE NOW!” button below. Fill out the order page and follow the simple directions.

You are literally seconds away from turbocharging your way up the corporate ladder. 

Go ahead and see for yourself what the fuss is about. 

I'll see you on the other side
Brandon Dohman


P.S. If you act right now I’ll give you six FREE bonuses to speed up your success. These include: 

  • live skill workshops to hone your skills on course content...

  • templates for meetings and emails... 

  • interview and resume critiques... 

  • productivity worksheets to plan your day/weeks and make certain you’re having impact... 

  • expert interviews with industry leaders to give you a cutting edge in your role...

  • and... worksheets that show you exactly what to keep track of so you can keep exceeding expectations!


P.P.S.  The bottom line is this:  You don’t need 15+ years experience to get ahead. I’ll help you overcome the hump you’re having in your career. And, within a few short weeks, you’ll be on the fast track to future promotions, massive salary hikes, and amazing bonuses... guaranteed.


P.P.P.S. Here it from other's I've helped:

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